10 Best Android Apps and Games to try in 2013

Android game and apps come in a wide variety of forms, with something for virtually every genre fan. From free offerings to the paid, the Android games especially can offer the opportunity to have fun and enjoy a mobile gaming experience. Not sure where you should begin your entertainment look? The following are ten of the best and highly touted Android games that you may want to try in 2013.

Triple Town

Triple Town is a free game for Android that is designed to be highly visibly stunning. Strategy and fun mix in this puzzle game where the goal is to create and maintain the largest city that you can. To grow the town, a user must complete puzzles by placing three items of one color together. As the three colors come together, they are removed from the game board and you will be rewarded with a larger town. It is not all that simple though. Not only will it rely on thought and strategy to complete the puzzle but all of this must be completed while being threatened by obstacles and creatures wanting to obstruct your play.

ZenBound 2

Visually stimulating with high quality graphics, ZenBound 2 is an amazing Android puzzle game. The goal of this game is to wrap rope around different structures to fulfill puzzle and round goals. The game is not a new edition, but the second in the ZenBound series. The difference is more levels included, though original game boards are still present, and the graphics upgraded which can be instantly detected and noticed by lovers of the first game.

Granny Smith

Imagine a fighting Grandmother who looks innocent but has a wild side. This is possible in the popular Granny Smith game for Android. You control Granny Smith as she protects her precious apples from threats and takes out anyone who enters into her path to destroy them. Mild looking but devious, Granny Smith will be a character that you will fall in love with in this interesting and entertaining game.


The classic Pitfall game gets an updated version in its Android edition. You control the eighties game icon Pitfall Harry as he navigates his way through a world of adventure. Facing threats of both a geographical and manmade nature, the graphics have elevated the character and the entertainment factors of this game without taking away its true essence. Past fans and newbies are making this a top choice in Android gaming entertainment.

Nun Attack

Ready to take on the carnal evils you learned to fear in Catholic school? You can in Nun Attack. This addictive game allows the gamer to control four different nuns as they confront evils. These are not your average Catholic leaders, however. The nuns are equipped with special weapons and miraculous powers that will allow you to take out the threats while easing that Catholic guilt that you may have harbored over the years. Consumer reviews suggest Protestants and non-Christians enjoy the game as well.


For those that enjoy a more militaristic approach to gaming or one that requires cool weapons and fun gear, ShadowGun is an amazing edition. For just under five dollars, you can make this third-person shooter game yours. The game is quick and exciting, offering gamers great play because of the Tegra 3 processor which has optimized play. The result is graphically stunning and visually appealing application that plays more like a console edition than a mobile application.

Death Dome

Combat games are not plentiful when it comes to Android offerings. Of the few that are out there, though, Death Dome rises to the top. This free game allows you to create your own character, adding great new equipment as you kill your villainous opponents. The more you play and beat your foes, the more weapons open up to you to choose from. Not for the faint of heart, this is a favorite among those who enjoy a few good bloodbaths in their gameplay.


Aliens and the supernatural are a part of the backdrop for the Android game Grabatron. Grabatron puts you in control of a UFO that is equipped and ready to destroy the town below. You will control the flying hazard, demolishing and causing chaos on the inhabitants in the town with an advanced claw and other damage inducing actions. You will burst into buildings and have the opportunity to kidnap different citizens from their innocent and naïve lives. A free application, it provides hours of entertaining and involved fun.

10 Best Android Apps and Games to try in 2013

100 Floors

Though provoking and involved, 100 Floors offers player a great puzzle game that they can take with them wherever they go. The goal of this interactive game is to answer different questions and riddles in order to access an open elevator door. Questions are from a multitude of different categories, from the visual to the auditory, math and beyond. The goal, a the name may have tipped you off to, is to climb all the way up the one hundred floors by answering these questions as they get progressively more difficult and involved.

Bad Piggies

Ready for a fun game that requires strategy and thought but with whimsy and fun? Bad Piggies is the right option for you. This game has users create and craft different contraptions that can be used to mobilize a cartoon pig from one point to another. A gamer will have to use their mind to come up with the most efficient machine to move the characters in this game that is highly addictive and fun.

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