10 Causes Why Samsung S4 Extrudes the iPhone 5

Today as far as the Smartphone technology is concern two of the world’s top leader in this industry is competing each other the Samsung and Apple. As a matter of fact the Samsung s4 and iPhone 5 are taking its waves in the battle in the Smartphone industry. Undeniably, iPhone 5 conquer the mobile industry arena and consider itself as the invincible mobile technology in the Smartphone markets until Samsung S4 emerge in the marketplace. Now, Samsung is the threat for apple as far as Smartphone technology competition is concern. Below are the top 10 reasons that bring Samsung S4 on the top ahead of iPhone 5 in the Smartphone industry.

1. Camera Characteristics

iPhone 5 has been toppled down by Samsung S4 to the feature and cutting edge of its camera technology. Samsung S4 camera is attributed with 13MP censor that beats iPhone 5’s 8 MP camera features; moreover, Samsung S4 camera has more megapixels in each shot. Other camera feature that makes GS4 ahead are the eye scroll, sounds and shots, eraser mode, and the dual video recording.

2. Speed

Another thing is the speed; Samsung S4 is powered by quad core processor that allows the unit to perform faster than iPhone 5. iPhone 5 only runs by a dual core processor that let Samsung S4 to have a better speed at least twice as far as performance is about.

3. Smartphone Display

When it comes to Smartphone display it seems that Samsung has a quite advantage over iPhone 5. Samsung S4 provides a bigger display with 5.0 on Amoled with resolution of 1080 x 1920 HD, on the other hand iPhone 5 having only 4.0 inch LCD display panel on LED with a resolution of 640 x 1136. Indeed most of us our concerns when it comes to phone are the better retina display and S4 able to give that. Another thing that gives Samsung S4 advantage over iPhone 5 is the Gorilla Glass 3, this latest technology of Samsung S4 is ahead over the Cornilla Gorilla Glass of iPhone 5.

4. SD Slot Specifications

Another feature that gives S4 an advantage to iPhone 5 is the storage capacity. Even though both items are attributed with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB, the only difference is that iPhone 5 does not hold a micro SD card slot. On the contrary, Samsung S4 has an expandable storage specs that allow you have an additional 64 GB micro SD card slot for huge and better memory storage.

5. Removable battery

The disadvantage of iPhone 5 is that it doesn’t have a removable battery. Once the battery is empty your only way out is to recharge it. On the contrary, S4 have a removable battery that allows you to replace it when it becomes empty. You don’t need to bind yourself all the time with a charger just to continue the life of your Smartphone.

6. Hardware

The speed of S4 has a clear advantage over iPhone 5 is the S4’s quad core 2 GHz processor which is far better than the iPhone 5’s 1.2 dual core processor.

7. Color Options

One thing that gives any Smartphone an advantage is the color options of the phones. Again Samsung ahead in this category because S4 is available in 5 different colors, it allows you to opt from the traditional black and white colors that iPhone 5 only have and to various colors like blue, red, and gray.

8. Versatility

Samsung S4 is powered by Android; it’s simply means that it able to provide more customizable options as far as OS is all about. iPhone is powered by Apple’s iOS that is more strict when it comes to security that limits the applications to be download as compared to Android.

9. Customization

S4 is run by Jelly Bean 4.2 that let the users to customize the device’s appearance and layout. It has a template feature that is available in the Customization Center where you can able to modify the device for various tasks performance.

10. Google Now

Android OS provides a feature called Google Now the reason why S4 beats iPhone 5’s Siri. Its main function is to act as your personal assistance that records all your tab activities and all the information on your Smartphone and provides a much related data in time as you uses it.

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