4 Technologies to Shake the Tablet Market in 2013

A sequence of events that obliterated netbooks and threatened the life of laptops started when a company called Apple released their first iPad. The tablet was created. Holding an 85% share of the tablet market in 2010, Apple’s dominance was indisputably supreme. But in 2013, three years later, that figure has almost halved, to 43%, reminding us that exciting innovation does happen outside the doors of Apple headquarters. To celebrate this fact, here are 4 technologies that will shake the tablet market in 2013.

1. Synaptics Sensa Grip

As phablets, that mysterious blend of phone and tablet, continue to increase in popularity this year, user experience has reported that smaller screens mean more unintended touches. Synaptics have caught light of this problem and attempted to solve it with some very clever hardware in their Synaptics Sensa, one of the many exciting technologies unveiled at CES this year.

Inside the Synaptics Sensa tablet is technology which is able to detect the dominant hand that is gripping and holding the bulk of the device. It is then able to ignore the commands from that hand, and moves any content that would be hidden by your fingers, like text from a book, to the area that surrounds it. 

2. The Razor Edge

The voices at Razor say this is the most powerful tablet in the world. With an Intel Core i5 processor, 4gb of memory and dedicated graphics powered by the Nvidia GT640 GPU, this audacious claim seems fair enough. It is the most powerful tablet in the world.

But the hardware is just the consequence of the idea, to build the “world’s first true gaming laptop.” Inspired by change, developers at Razor have created a machine which metamorphosises depending on the way you want to use the device. From screen and keyboard to pure slate tablet, to slate tablet combined with game controllers at the side, the Razor Edge works by using modules that attach and detach from the device. 

3. PaperTab

From Queen’s University in Canada comes a spectacular new form of tablet. The PaperTab is made of a flexible touchscreen which utilises e-Ink technology. The idea is that each PaperTab is a single document or application that is designed to be used with other PaperTabs. With a number of PaperTabs on a single desk, their location is monitored through electromagnetic trackers and Tabs interact with each other using touch technology.

The PaperTab makes use of bending gestures. Documents are opened and pages are turned, videos can be fast forwarded or re-winded, all by bending the display back and forth. Content can easily be edited by tapping the screen, a keyboard will appear and changes can be made. Newspapers could be replaced entirely with the use of PaperTabs. Whole libraries could be comprised of them. The potential is huge.

4. The Morphing Tactile Surface Touchscreen

From Tactus comes something truly alien in its form. This is the touchscreen that, using microfluidic technology, realises a keyboard that appears and vanishes from the surface of the device, morphing buttons out of nothing, seemingly.

It works by using a fluid contained in a reservoir which is embedded in the tablet. On touching the area, the morphing process is activated and a keyboard appears. This solves a crucial issue with touchscreen tablets, that typing on something flat and non-tactile is unsatisfying and prone to error. Utilising Tactus’ technology provides a tactile keyboard that is no longer in the way when it is not needed. Tactus’ technology could remove the need for laptops altogether.

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