5 Reasons Why You Need To Rebrand Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is a strong platform for promoting one’s business. You can create hype or trends via social media. Many brands have created social media profiles as an extension of their brand identity. As your business evolves, there comes a point when you need to rebrand.

Rebranding is not about logo change. If you’re looking at it that way, you are merely doing a re-launch of your brand not an actual rebranding. Rebranding is about changing your company’s culture, goals (i.e. mission and vision), and message. It’s like revamping the core of your brand. If you’re changing your product line or shifting your target market or permanently partnering with a non-government organization (NGO) then you need to rebrand as your company’s culture and mission change.

Big changes such as these should also be conveyed through your social media profiles. Most of your customers check your social media profiles more than your actual websites since that’s where they often virtually hang out. Here are some of the reasons why you need to rebrand your social media profiles.

To update your customers. Social media has the widest and most dynamic reach in your customer database. Rebranding is a huge change that needs as many communication platforms as possible. You need to update your followers about this by reflecting the change in your social media profiles. Remember that you’re simply updating the extension of your brand identity through your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your main website and other primary company collaterals should be the main avenues that should be updated first before your social media profiles and not the other way around.

To communicate your new goals. Your brand’s new goals are best broadcasted through social media. Your social media profiles can effectively reflect these new action plans through the consistent posting of new content related to your rebranding. Whether it’s video, graphics, blog and other content, you need to leverage social media for spreading the word.

To introduce changes in your organization. Social media is a great tool to introduce change in a non-threatening way. People are generally resistant to change. So if your company’s rebranding involves not only culture and message change but also visual changes such as logo and tagline change, then social media can help you shift smoothly. You can start by changing your profile picture to something like a question mark or a laconic graphic like “exciting change soon.” You can post teasers, a date for the “reveal” of the rebranding, and other engaging promotions that will intrigue your customers.

To gain new followers. With rebranding comes the opportunity to gain new customers. Since you are now offering something new, you can pique the interest of potential customers who were not interested with your brand before. You can also ask your existing customers to ask their friends to like or retweet your rebranding content to draw these potential consumers.

To further strengthen your rebranding efforts. Rebranding takes a lot of marketing effort to be successful. By reflecting all the rebranding content in your social media profiles, you put in a stronger voice to your marketing endeavours. It is easier to be in the radar of your customers when you use your social media profiles to promote the rebranding of your business.

You need to remember that there are also rebranding limitations in social media. Facebook, for example, do not allow changes in page names if it has incurred more than 200 likes already. What you can do is maintain this old page and create a new one. Reports show that asking people to like a new page can lead to losing fans. However, you need to transition to a new one eventually so  to avoid this you need to maintain both pages first then gradually put more updates to the new page. You can also put a creative and enticing cover image in your old page that you’re moving to a new page and place the new Facebook URL there. Twitter allows profile name change easily and it is automatically updated so you need not worry about it. Find out the limitations of your other social media accounts and see how you can work your way around it.

At the end of the day, it is a prerequisite to rebrand your social media profiles in conjunction with your core rebranding efforts. It is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out to your industry and your target market.

About Author: Pam Fat is a content writer of Advice How. She’s known for being a techy person, and photojournalist. She loves to travel during spare time.

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