5 Windows 8 Metro Internet Security Risks Users Need to Be Aware Of

Windows 8 Metro poses a significant change on a variety of fronts from the user interface to basic functions and the introduction of the web browser Internet Explorer 10.  Anytime a new operating system is introduced, there are a number of potential internet security risks which must be considered.  As the operating system continues to evolve, many of the vulnerabilities which exist today will be patched and others will be discovered.  Initially, there are 5 major internet security threats every user needs to be aware of.

App Permission Use

With the introduction of the Windows 8 app store, apps are poised to become much more prevalent for Windows users.  Currently, unlike other app stores, the Windows Store does not prompt users to review the capabilities a new app requests.  The information is only visible on the app details page.  While this isn’t an inherent problem, it does force users to take more personal responsibility and review app permissions before installing it.  The most important thing to do is make sure the app permissions are consistent with what it actually does.

Windows SmartScreen

A notable additional to Windows 8 Metro is the Windows SmartScreen.  This functionality already exists on previous versions of Internet Explorer; however it is now more prominent.  The purpose of this feature is to alert users when they are about to download or run potentially malicious applications.  It is important for users to understand Windows SmartScreen only provides a warning.  It is up to the users to decide whether or not to run the program which caused the alert.

Windows Defender

The Windows Defender program has been a part of the Windows operating system for some time.  The difference is it is now packaged with Windows 8 Metro.  This program is designed to detect a variety of internet security threats such as malware and viruses.  While has improved, it still only tests as “average” at identifying internet security threats.  While it is an important step for internet security protection, it is not a cure-all.

Browsing in Windows 8 Metro

To provide users with greater flexibility, Windows 8 has created a class of applications referred to as the “Metro style enabled desktop browser”.  All of the applications used have the ability to be a default browser.  As a result, non-Metro applications can end up influencing how Metro is used.  While this provides greater control to the user, it also created more user responsibility as well.

Metro is Still Vulnerable to Conventional Windows-Based Internet Security Threats

Windows 8 Metro looks and feels completely different than previous versions of Windows.  At the same time, many of the older Windows framework is still utilized.  This means users are still at risk of falling victim to traditional internet security threats related to Internet Explorer, Office, along with new vulnerabilities created by new Metro applications.

There is no doubt Windows 8 Metro has addressed many of the traditional internet security threats users are already aware of.  At the same time, these threats have not been eliminated entirely.A VPN in Netherlands is usually recommended for the users with internet security concerns.

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