6 WordPress Plugins That Can Help Increase User Interaction

Every blogger wants to increase interaction with the readers. This is very essential, just like keeping repeat customers for your shop. Your blog readers are your customers. If you are using WordPress blogging platform, there are several plugins that will help improve interaction with your blog readers. You don’t have to be a programmer to implement successful blogging. All you need is to understand your blogging platform and how to use any associated plugin.

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Six WordPress Plugins That Can Help Increase User Interaction

1. Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is not just a widget for a blogger. You can also install it on any blog in order to achieve the same connection feeling for your users. Google has a clever algorithm that will mix a random profile of pics grouped together with the profile pics of the contacts of the readers who were viewing your site, and then display them on your Google Friend Connect box. Also, in the event that another blogger is also publicly following your site through Google Friend Connect, readers will be able to see this and as a result, trust between you and your readers will improve. This plugin adds images of real people’s faces on your blog. Obviously, such a sight of real faces makes your website more trusted than those that contain only cartoons or no image at all. This plugin also allows your readers to sign up in order to follow up your blogs. Even if readers delete feeds from their RSS reader, your blog will continue showing up on their Google Homepage from time to time

2. WPtouch iPhone Theme Plugin

Using this plugin will make you successful in mobile phone blog optimization. Nowadays, most people are browsing the web using their Smartphones. Therefore, as a blogger you won’t wish to miss out on such a vast market sector. Your blog should look good on the browsers for Smartphones. It becomes very awkward to read on sites which don’t have this plugin, especially when you are using an iPhone or other Smartphones. Readers need to enjoy sideway scrolling with text falling off on the right side of their screens; otherwise they will easily turn-off your blogs!

3. UpPrev NYTime Style “Next Post” plugin

This plugin will save you more. With it, you will not need to hire a programmer. It will help you have an interactive “next post” button that pops up below each article on the NYTimes’ website. Your readers will scroll to the bottom of the article and, if interested to read more, this plugin will push them to the next page until they find what they were searching. You can even have your reader leave through one of your applicable, paid ads.

4. WP-UserOnline

This plugin assists your blog readers to feel connected to others who are reading the same blog. It displays on your blog an online readers’ count. With this plugin, you can come up with “Who’s online?” page to display your visitors statistics and also indicate where those visitors come from, who they are, and what they are viewing. This makes your blog more alive and interesting to read, and in the long run, retains readers in every session.

5. Thank Me Later

This is another crucial plugin for your readers. It enables you to have an automatic way of sending an email to your blog’s commentators. With the email, you can thank your readers for the time spent on your blog or for their contribution in discussing some posts. This builds the image of your brand or business by displaying a broader perspective that your business cares. Such an email gesture encourages people to return and reread your blog because it sends them a clickable link that redirects them to your website.

6. Broken Link Checker

At times, clicking on a website with broken links is something detrimental to your customers. A number of readers do not wish to waste time on broken links. A broken link hints to the presence of more and as such, any blog with broken links can make you lose your visitor’s trust within a very short time. Therefore, ensure that your links do not send ugly error pages to your readers.

All these six plugins, among others, will help increase user interaction in an easier way. Readers will always want to view your blogs, and success will come your way.

About Author: Jason Smith consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior and visits church in san jose regularly.

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    Hi, Great list of WordPress Plugins. I am using almost all the Plugins which you have listed. Thanks for Sharing!!

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