All-time Best BlackBerry Apps: Top 20

The popularity of BlackBerry Smartphone’s the demand of compatible apps had also increased considerably but it is not easy to find the best apps to download on your BlackBerry mobile unless you have basic knowledge about them. Such information about some of the top BlackBerry apps is being provided in this article to make it easy for you to choose from them. Though most of these apps can be downloaded and used on all the BlackBerry models but some of them may require different operating systems like 3G etc. Your BlackBerry mobile must support the app if it is compatible to be downloaded on it. So choose the apps you want to download on your BlackBerry mobile from the list of top 20 provided in this article.

Google Maps: Though normally BlackBerry phones are provided with already installed Google map app but if you do not have it on your mobile then you can easily download it to locate your position through its Street View option if you have actually got trapped in some troublesome condition.

Spotify: Free Spotify BlackBerry app is available for new model of Blackberry which have portrait screen instead of elongated screen usually found in Torch touchscreen line of BlackBerry models. This app allows you to handle all the music you like as per your choice after downloading it.

Windows Live Messenger: Windows Live Messenger is one of the favourite BlackBerry apps that are liked by its IM clients as unlike Google Talk it allows you to chat with more than one person at the same time.

Facebook: The latest version of Facebook app for BlackBerry will help in sycronizing the profiles, pics alongwith the contact details of the people in your address book of your Facebook account. It includes the conversations on Facebook to your inbox in the form of emails, SMS and IMs if you leave it connected.

BBC iPlayer: Though BBC iPlayer on BlackBerry is a web shortcut but even then it allows you to watch all of your favorite shows and streams on BBC channel anywhere you like.

HulloMail: HulloMail is one of the top BlackBerry apps as t allows you to play the Voicemails sent to you in MP3 format and listen the message whenever you want. You need not press various keys of your mobile for this purpose.

WhatsApp: Though you can enjoy the fun of BlackBerry Messenger but WhatsApp provides you a smarter platform to have more fun from these messages. This app is easy to use when it is downloaded on your phone as it allows you to chat with your friends accessing you from any other smartphone including iPhone, Android, Symbian, S40, or even Windows Phone.

Google Sync: This world-class BlackBerry app is needed to be downloaded on your BlackBerry mobile only once to be connected to your Google Calendar and Gmail contacts.

ShortcutMe: This BlackBerry app allows you to blow the shortcuts on to the side keys to ditch the homescreen for using various other apps already installed by you. usually this app is preloaded on your BlackBerry but if not then you can easily download it.

BlackBerry Protect: This one of the top BlackBerry apps protects your smartphone in case you have lost it or has been stolen. You can track your phone by simply logging in on the browser to protect your information on it, even if, to be worst, you are unable to track your phone. To get any type of information regarding any phone number, you can visit website.

SlingPlayer Mobile: This BlackBerry app allows you to enjoy your TV shows and programs on your mobile by changing the channels with the trackball option available in it.

Qik: It is an unbelievable video streaming app that allows the BlackBerry users to stream the videos recorded through your smartphone on the internet at the same time. it can also be used to send twitter alerts. You can also arrange to replay the whole video within seconds if you have 3G or WiFi connection at your phone.

Vlingo: Your BlackBerry is allowed to do things which you can not do with your voice through Vlingo. You can update your social network status and read out emails using this app.

Twitter: This BlackBerry app allows its users to observe what their friends are doing by searching their location, sending them images and links to add to their lists. Though initially twitter runs on iOS but after downloading this app on BlackBerry you can send the emails and messages to your links directly from your phone.

Guitar Hero World Tour: This BlackBerry app allows its users to enjoy leisure of the addictive music they like the most.

PodTrapper: This one of the top BlackBerry apps allows you to download all the podcasts over the air directly on your mobile phone without using a cable or computer. Though you can also download them manually but the large list of songs available through it allows you to choose marvelous selections.

Opera Mini: Opera Mini BlackBerry app allows you to browse several websites on your BlackBerry mobile at a time. this app supports RSS feed and zippy which make it essential to be downloaded on your BlackBerry as it can be used as back up when the reception is irregular.

Shazam: Shazam app for BlackBerry allows you to know about the song of which you remember a bit and you want to buy. It can also play the catchy tunes whose artists are not known to you.

Evernote: You can publish pictures and short messages to other people using various other apps but if you want to keep these little scraps of info for yourself in the cloud on the BlackBery then Evernote app will be helpful to you. You can grab the messages written, pictures uploaded, memos and files voiced to the online account Evernote on your computer later on.

BBM Music: The BBM Music BlackBerry app allows you to download 50 songs from all the famous labeled records to play them at your will and send them to you friends online.

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