Awesome Games on AppStorm

So, what is AppStorm? AppStorm is a place where you will find thousands of reviews for different types of apps, games, software’s, gadgets, well you get the point. This is an influential site offering loads of quality info and we decided to go through the site and show you the best of the best- lets meet the most popular and highest ranked games on AppStorm.

1.  First things first, iPhone is huge and popular all over the world, so let’s talk about the top iPhone games on AppStorm.  There are awesome racing, sports and board games. We will mention top games in these 3 niches.

Top Racing game for iPhone is definitely Asphalt 7, the newest edition of this popular game from Gameloft (developer). Basically you have several modes in which you need to collect stars. You can go crazy drifting with your car or you can go for the elimination type of game.

Anyway, you choose you’re set for the user-friendly controls and awesome graphics. You won’t be able to race against the cars that are not in your class, you have to move up step-by-step. This is a wonderful game that will keep you busy for hours to come.

Awesome Games on AppStorm

Top Sport Game for iPhone is…you guessed it, FIFA 13. There is not much to explain here. This is the most popular game around the world no matter which platform you are using. The same is with iPhone. You can enjoy the world of soccer not for hours, but for the months to come. This one never gets boring.

Top Board game for iPhone is my favorite board game-Monopoly. The full name of this iPhone edition is Monopoly Here & Now-The world edition. When I was a kid I used to play, with my family, this awesome game every Sunday evening. It was loads of fun and I couldn’t wait to start the game. Now you have a chance to relive your childhood dreams in the 21st century style.

2. More awesome games from AppStorm and this time we are talking about Android devices. I won’t go in different types of games here, as I did for iPhone. So, here are the awesome games for Android that you gotta download from Google Play store.

Angry Birds Space Premium; yes I know you heard about this game and it is getting boring to hear this name over and over again but the fact is that this is the most downloadable game out there, and not just for Android devices. This game has become more than a game, it is a brand.

100 Doors- If you visited G Play store you probably noticed how this game is nailed to the top of the charts each and every time. This is a famous puzzle game with a huge fan base and we don’t see it going down for the next couple of months.

For some reason AppStorm placed Tiny Tower on the top of their awesome Android games. This is a cute retro style game but we think that it does not deserve the first place, there is much more games out there that will give you more for the money you invest. Ok, Tiny Tower comes free of charge but you get the point.

3. Top Web Browser (Chrome) game is ….again….Angry Birds. Now this may sound like a generic choice but this is the way it is. This amazing game keeps getting thousands of followers each day and it is pure fun. Now, you have a chance to play with your favorite browser and the game is playable as if you’re using iOS. We hope Angry Birds Space Edition will come to Chrome Web Store as soon as possible.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has written this article. He loves video games from his school days and a big fan of Tom and Jerry Games. He has scored many high levels in these games.

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