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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were people who used the internet primarily to chat with people across the globe. People would sit in front of their computers and just browse chat rooms looking for people that shared their hobbies and interests. Indeed, people spent countless hours on end speaking with, in many cases, complete strangers, and perhaps even people they would never communicate with again. It seemed like a revolutionary idea at the time, but then social media came into fruition, along with a host of other, perhaps even more advanced, forms of online and virtual communication. It seemed as if chat rooms and chat applications would be relegated to the land occupied by dinosaurs, and other things thought of as being entirely extinct.

Yet, this was not the case at all. In fact, online chatting has held strong throughout the history of the internet, and now is no different. The only thing is that the traditional chat structure has been replaced by things like instant messenger services available on social media sites and video chat, especially. In recent years, video chat has seen a resurgence and has brought the idea of the chat room back into the public conscious. But, when it comes to Apple users, there are many chat options available, and it is difficult to find the right one for you. The following is a summary list of some of the best chat programs available for Apple computer users:


This video chat program has taken the market by storm, and has quickly become one of the most popular methods for video chat on Apple computers. The quality and reliability of the chat program are unrivaled, and the extra features they offer really does set them apart from most other chat programs available for Apple computers and operating systems. Some people do have gripes about the performance of the Skype chat program, but it does get the job done and is much easier to use than some of the other chat programs available on this list.

Google Video Chat

The Google chat application is consistently one of the best performing video chat programs available to Apple computer users. It has received high marks from many of the top critics in the market, and has held up against stiff competition from other chat programs. It is particularly handy for those that have most of their friends and family members set up with a Gmail account.

Apple iChat

Like everything that Apple offers its users, it has a ton of perks and is very effective. It is a good choice for any Apple loyalists out there.

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