Different Versions Of Windows 8

The windows 8 operating system has been launched. The Windows 8 OS is significantly different from previous versions of Windows. Number of new features in the Windows 8 will change the way you use the computers.

Several points that you should know before you buy Windows 8:

  • Windows 8 is much different than the previous versions of windows. Therefore it will be difficult to use in the first one or two weeks. Once you learn how to use Windows 8, then you will say that this is much simpler than the windows 7 or windows XP.
  • Windows 8 is powered with touch screen technology. If you want to feel the power of Windows 8, you better have a touch screen computer or laptop.
  • Do you like tablets? Then you will love to have Windows 8. Because the windows 8 is simple and the user interface is like in the tablets.
  • Windows 8 OS is faster than windows 7 OS.
  • To give a much simpler operating system, Microsoft has removed many regular items. For example, Windows 8 doesn’t have start button. Power users may not like windows 8.
  • As the windows 8 have a new technology, there are only a few apps ready for the windows 8. However, new apps will be released soon. But for sure the available apps look very beautiful and much simpler to use.

When you take a decision whether you buy windows 8 or not, you may use the above points. But, remember that taking the decision is in your hand. We just try to help you to take a decision. Alright, we assume that you have decided to buy windows 8. Which version you are going to buy? Which suits you better? Keep reading to get an overall picture about the versions of windows 8.

Know the Windows 8 versions

Windows RT: Windows RT is said to be the basic version. Windows RT is only for tablets or computers with ARM processors. It can’t be used in any computers that run with Intel or AMD processors. Therefore you will not see this version in the public market.

In other words, we can say that the devices which run with Windows RT, can’t run x86 programs. The apps which you receive with the device or distributed by the stores to be used in windows RT, only will work on your device. This means that you can’t download software such as Firefox, Picasa and install on windows 8 powered devices.

The windows RT operating system is specifically suitable for tablets. It may increase the battery life. But, the functionality is much more limited compared to the normal computers.

Logo Windows 8

image source: microsoft.com

Windows 8 Enterprise: As usual the enterprise version of windows 8 is for system administrators in large companies. This version has several specific features for system administration.

Windows 8: This version lacks of the few features like Windows-To-Go and Encryption. This is the simplest version of windows 8 for computers.

Windows 8 Pro: Pro version of windows 8 has all the features needed for regular use. Only the advanced features in enterprise version are missing. If you want to buy a computer with pre installed windows 8 or if you are trying to upgrade your system, this is the right choice. This is the best selling version in the market.

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