Do Not Underestimate Pinterest (Unique features of Pinterest)

I. Introduction

Pinterest markets itself as your “virtual pinboard”, letting you collect, organize, and share content from around the web “pinning” them into one page dedicated to an idea. You’re probably thinking what use does it give for your online marketing efforts if you already have a decent website, Facebook page, and Twitter presence? Don’t they do the same?

Besides getting to share a bunch of links, pictures, and other things you can get online, Pinterest does more. A whole lot more for you, and your marketing.

II. First, like other social networking sites, Pinterest is designed for you to share information with the world. But unlike your usual networks where all you do is post and go, Pinterest lets you collect and arrange the data you get from the internet on a virtual board under a general idea, or event. Using a “Pin it” button you can gather pictures, pages and more from around the web, and organize them into specific boards for your needs. Planning for parties, home projects, road trips, and even an online publication can be made easier online! You can even put in a recipe card with pictures for each ingredient/process and have people share their thoughts! Or if you’re just a big fan of a certain movie, make yourself a Pinterest wall and save yourself the time of printing, cutting out pictures and writing down quotes.

So what can it do for marketing and SEO? For starters, Pinterest allows commenting, “repins”, and even following. When a page gets pinned, the user can choose a picture from the page to use, and the URL is automatically pinned along with it. There’s also access to share pins and boards on both Twitter and Facebook, so your reach isn’t limited to people who have Pinterest accounts.

But the attraction of marketing to Pinterest comes in a form that even the best of keywords doesn’t. When an image/page gets pinned, it’s automatically featured on someone’s board and it could get re-pinned a number of times. If someone buys a book from an online store that has the Pinterest button, she/he can share a picture of the cover on a board, together with details and a link to where other people can buy the same book. If people are interested, they’ll repin it and probably buy the book as well. If someone’s planning a wedding, they can browse through different boards, re-pin things on their board, ask for suggestions from friends and family, and start buying the elements for that special day!

Now let’s look at it from the perspective of the small business. If you are selling clothes and you pin pictures of them on your board, people would follow you and find inspiration on what to buy, and even buy directly from you! Smaller brands can be featured by using pictures with descriptions, and allow interaction with potential buyers through the comments. Save guys and gals the trouble of searching through the endless pages of an online mall because another blog posted a picture of a bracelet, and nothing to describe it! If they see something they like on your Pinterest board, they’ll worry no more because you already included details and a direct link to where they can buy them! And if they love it, they’ll share your products on their own board (along with the link) and help you sell some more! They might even help your brand by making boards filled with your products!

Many brands might not be taking notice of the potential power in Pinterest now, but they should be getting ready for it. Pinterest is beginning to soar in the popularity ranks with an increase of over 1200 percent in visits according to online traffic analysts. Pinterest themselves notice the potential of their service And they’ve even added guides and case studies that businesses can follow to maximize their marketing experience with Pinterest.

III. Conclusion/ Summary

Pinterest creates a way for both individuals and businesses to post not only snippets of ideas, but share someone’s whole thought process through organized “pin boards”. With strong tools for link building like the Pin It and repin buttons, easy organization through different boards, and full support from traffic analysts and from the Pinterest team themselves, we are not just looking at another blog or social networking website. We’re looking at an exciting opportunity for brands and buyers alike!

About Author: Pam Sallegue is the content writer and link builder of SEO-Hacker. She’s also working on optimizing her Youtube channel.

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