Google Panda update: 10 tips to survive

Since last couple of years Google has changed his status in web entrepreneur’s mind. Google is no more a darling to bloggers and e-commerce site owners. If you belong to blogosphere you will definitely have a clue that where I am pointing? There are lots of websites online which were hurt by Animals (Panda and Penguin)! There are plenty of speculations in the market that Google’s new update will hurt Social media promotion. Huh! It’s looking like Google has taken an oath to make web world as natural as possible. The first update from Google back in 2011 was named Panda dedicated to the name of one of their engineer. After that the vary algorithm has been updated quite a few times.

The main aim of Panda update was to benefit the sites with good content. Yes the aim was quite good. But the update resulted as a threat because cases are noted that certain good sites has also affected badly due to this update. As Google is known for its secrecy, neither me nor you will know exactly about algorithm, but here we have tried to point out certain tips How to survive again Google panda Update?

10 tips:

Accept Google’s Authority and follow their suggestion

Google has written somewhere on their blog or in their guideline after the first ever Panda update, “If you believe you’ve been impacted by this change you should evaluate all the content on your site and do your best to improve the overall quality of the pages on your domain. Removing low quality pages or moving them to a different domain could help your rankings for the higher quality content. “

Be Original

Panda update affects those sites quite heavily which have higher duplicate content. And it also affects to the sites which have very thin duplicate content. So what can you do? The answer is so simple “Be original”. Stop rewriting the content and beware of piracy. Answer is easy but it is not as easy while implementing. You have to work hard to create original and unique content. Ultimately you should always keep in mind there is no gain without pain.

Evaluate your site thoroughly for copied content on older pages

If you have not been hit by Panda till date still we advise you to examine and evaluate whole of your site for duplicate content. There are plenty of online tools that can help you to get rid of this problem (Copyscape). If you find duplicate content on any of the page remove them or try to block Google by using robots.txt. (Usually change in your robot.txt is not a recommended step as nowadays Google has kept it in its blacklist)

Don’t confuse Google bots

Don’t confuse Google bots between www and http://www. You can add “rel=canonical” tag to remove the mentioned confusion. So that you will be able to block any of the version of URL structure.

Maintain Content v/s Advertisement Ratio

It is noted by plenty of experts that Panda does bite the pages with lower content v/s advertisement ratio. If you have any such pages try to edit them. Recommended step is to remove those pages. As once page is indexed by Google, even if you update it; it will make little effect. The update or editing can protect you against future update but it will not help you to increase the rank.

Use 301 Redirection

Sort out and evaluate how much of your site (% of pages) is constituted by your lowest quality pages and consider using 301 redirects to point them at the best and high quality pages of your site.

Get quality back links from sites with higher authority

Link building is always good. But do not get backlinks from each and every site. Check the site for its content, reputation and authority. Best criteria can be Google Page rank and Domain Authority. Backlinks from good sites will improve your reputation and reliability in Google’s eye and that will also boost your traffic in all possible ways.

Check for older backlinks

Evaluate all your older backlinks. If you find them to be linked with site having poor quality content just remove those links.

Beware of Over Optimization, go for smart optimization

Huh, you will say don’t fool us! Checking optimization issues is the job of Penguin algorithm. You are right dude but there are plenty of proven cases where site is affected due to this. Don’t fool Google with Alt text other than what actually image is about. Don’t always follow the copy book on page SEO rules. Try to be normal and natural.

Compensate your lost Traffic with smart SMO

Keep your online presences going by using social media network? Try to engage with people on this network and then convert them to your user base.

I hope all these tips will help you to survive Google Panda update. We will like if you comment sincerely.

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