How to Encourage Feedback When Writing Blog Entries

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when blogging is that you are not writing for yourself or in the pursuit of personal relief, but you are providing content for your target readers, which means you have a responsibility towards them in not only writing quality, original entries, but also making them wonder, and even give input and comment to whatever it is you are putting out there. But how do you make sure your writing is making a difference and how do you encourage feedback?

My personal rule of three is: “love the topic, be accurate, be controversial”. It may be different for you, granted, but these are 3 key elements are efficient, interesting and audience-targeted writing because they will help you create unique, extremely detailed and valuable content that also adds a delicious twist. Here are a few things that will get your reader’s interest, and make them more likely to engage with your content.

How to Encourage Feedback When Writing Blog Entries

1. Become Proactively Involved

Leading by example is essential, so you see why your interest in the topic will spark interest for others, simply because of the way you write about it. Hope and inspiration transcends computer screens if it is true because it flows through you into your words and then  into your readers. So write about the things you love and are genuinely interested in, it will make a tremendous difference. Rather than writing about something that doesn’t interest you in the least, you should focus on things which you feel passionately about. You should follow writers who offer guest posting services, if you are having trouble choosing your topic, and never forget to play by the rules.

2. Be Accurate and Controversial

Accuracy is another issue, since it directly influences your credibility. You need to stay on top of your game and this means research, being up to date with recent developments and correct, in-depth knowledge of the subject you are addressing. This is essential not only in the article itself but also in the discussion section, since readers will often comment and request additional information if an article with an interesting spin left them wanting for more.  And while on the topic of giving your articles a unique twist, try to be as controversial as possible. I don’t mean just choosing such topics as religion, homosexuality, law or politics, but also having the guts to openly, but pertinently, share your personal opinion, as peculiar as it may be, on topics that concern you. Your strong opinions will attract a lot of comments whether you want it or not, because people will either agree with you or, more likely, disagree with you and stir up some well wanted attention.

3. Enable Comments, Polls and Surveys

Have comments sections, have like buttons, tweet buttons and other links to social media platforms. This is essential if you want to reel in some feedback. This strategy will be beneficial also from a SEO point of view, because popular content is more likely to rank higher in SERPs. Also encourage your visitors to pitch in or speak their mind by including open end questions or other sorts of incentives into your articles. You could have a poll with possible article topics and see what it is your subscribers want to read and even open your blog to Facebook comments since the extra social media promotion will only work in your favor.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Last but not least, consider quizzes, games and giveaways, even if they involve symbolic prizes, simply because your readers will get all the more involved if there is something to be won. You can offer prizes for the most creative comments, for the wittiest blog-entry title idea or whatever else comes to mind. The purpose is to let yourself be inspired by your readers and make them know they are inspiring you. It will not only make them feel empowered, but turn them into subscribers forever.

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