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There is nothing that quite compares to gaming on the iOS. It is true that it is not quite the same as gaming on a console with adjusted controls and shorter games, but it is quite impressive. You also have the benefit that you can take it wherever you might go. It is quite the powerful piece of machinery especially for something as small and portable.

Below is a list of some of the top games that you can play on your iPad. It will maximize all of the amazing features on this quite impressive device and show off its capabilities.

iPad and Games - Best iPad Games Apps

  • Topia World Builder

 Topia is a fun and low-key game. You are not fighting zombies or attacking dragons. You want to feed your God complex well than this is the game for you. You build up your world how you would like for it to look with forest, rivers, land and everything else. Once you have built it up it will come to life and you can watch it all come together.

  • Zombies, Run! -  If you are into continuous running games and zombies then this is the game for you. You basically will learn the story as you run. You have little challenges that you will need to avoid, and the longer that you run the more points that you will score. It is a little bit more expensive than many of the other leading continuous running games, but the $4 is well spent.
  • Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

If you loved the old classic Oregon Trail than you will love this altered version. Organ Trail has you riding around in a station wagon instead of a covered wagon. Then instead of battling the elements you will be battling zombies. It is quite the creative spin on the old classic and even more entertaining.

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars

This is a great game. Angry Birds, Seasons, Space and Rio have been out for quite some time. That means that you generally go through the update rather quickly and spend a lot of time waiting for the next update. Angry Birds: Star Wars is an entirely new addition with new characters, new levels, and new challenges. It is great way to enjoy the game that you have grown to love. The basic version is free, but the HD and additional levels will cost you.

  • The Room

This game is extremely interesting and different. It has amazing graphics and quite an impressive soundtrack. You simply just have to have a little bit of fun and you will enjoy using a little bit of that brain muscle instead of just your reflexes. It is a puzzle games where you will have a box in which you will have to manipulate in order to find the slot in which you need to insert a key. It sounds simply but can be quite challenging.

  • Asphalt 7: Heat

If you enjoy racing games then this is the game for you. It is quite impressive with the graphics including everything down to the glare off of the windshield. The attention to detail is quite impressive in this game and this is not to mention the amazingly fast cars or the challenging tracks that you get to drive or race.

A lot of mobile versions of your favorite games such as Halo and Call of Duty are available for the iPad. The graphics are extremely well developed and has a processor to match. It is not quite like gaming on a console, but still offers an extremely entertaining alternative.

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