Technology Hits Graffiti with the Graffiti Wall

Graffiti is one thing which you think people might not want to ‘improve’ or encourage with technology, but you would be wrong. Graffiti is used as a creative way to express yourself, in the past it’s been known as a bit of a nuisance, but recently graffiti seems to be changing, and a lot of the graffiti you see on underpaths and underground walls actually looks more like art than vandalism.

Technology Hits Graffiti with the Graffiti Wall

Recently I saw a whole new concept to graffiti, with the interactive graffiti wall. It’s a digital screen which lets you create clean graffiti by making use of a projection screen, a laptop and digital infrared spray cans. When the infrared spray can button is pressed down, the computer tracks the light and creates beautiful works of graffiti art on the screen.

You have much more room for creativity with these digital screens than you do with conventional graffiti. You have no limit on colours, backgrounds, textures, or even pictures, images and photographs – all of which you can add in to your graffiti art by using the laptop computer.

You can upload your artwork to FaceBook, Twitter and other social streams straight from the graffiti wall itself, so it’s easy to share your work! You can also print and save your work to USB, or CD or other portable media so you always have it safe and sound.

Here are a couple of awesome videos which give you a good insight into how to use the devices, and what exactly you can do with them! The first video gives you more of a demonstration of it being used, and the second video is more in-depth, explaining the features and such. Check them out below:

Spray Paint Wall – Digital Graffiti Wall

FOX 2 News – Game Crazy – Graffiti Wall

I hope that we start to see this type of technology coming into the home consumer technology market soon. I think it would be an awesome addition to any graphic creators’ toolkit. We already have digital pens and such, it would be great if we could get some type of USB (or wireless would be even better) infrared spray can and some Air Graffiti software for home computers and then we could use that to make our own digital works of graffiti art.

As more and more companies start to make use of these walls at events, the more publicity they will get, and eventually we will see them making a move into the home consumers market, and I am looking forward to that!

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