Ten ways to build links for your business using social media

Social media enables businesses to connect with likeminded companies and individuals. When a company has numerous connections, it is more likely that it will be successful, especially as those who they contact can increase sales figures considerably. There are many ways in which a business can build links on social media and here are ten of them.

Reciprocate links

If someone asks to connect with your business but you don’t return the favour, this is not a good idea. Even if you assume that a potential connection won’t be beneficial to your company, you could be wrong because they might have a contact that they are only willing to share offline. When a link request is sent, it is in your best interests that it is accepted.

Connect with the right audiences

If you make connections with those who don’t work in the same sector as you, your business won’t reap any benefits. However, there are many groups on social media websites which have members that you should connect to. As such individuals could provide huge returns to your company, you should connect to them.

Don’t send the same message

When attempting to make a connection on social media websites, you shouldn’t include a generic message which others have used. By giving your link request a personal touch, it is more likely that it will be accepted.

Be patient

After sending a link request to someone who you hope to work with in the future, you should wait. The person who you’re getting in touch with could be away on holiday or in a different time zone and might not reply quickly. As the saying goes, good things do come to those who wait.

Create an account on many social media websites

Although you could join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there are many other social media websites that you can have an account with which enables you to build links. You might discover that those who you want to connect with aren’t on the aforementioned social media websites and have an account on another.

Include information about social media accounts in all blogs

If you write a blog and those who read it want to find out more information about your company, they can when details about your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media account are evident. Therefore, they know how they can contact you about link building.

Communicate frequently

Once you have made a connection with someone, you should keep in contact with them. You don’t have to send messages every day because you can tweet or post on their wall each month.

Keep links interesting

After sending a link request on Twitter, the person who you want to connect with might look at your profile page before they do so. Tweets could include quirky information about your company or a fact which demonstrates your success. Social media marketing is an extremely effective way to get your brand out on the internet.

Consider your tone of voice  

You should think about the tone of voice which is in a message that’s sent to a potential connection. If their profile page prefers to use the first person i.e. ‘we’, ‘I’, your message should match it.

Don’t ignore advice

Those who visit your page might give advice about how your campaign can be improved. For example, your messages might contain many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and the advice which is given by others should be seriously considered.

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