The popular smart watches – acting like smart phones

The marching of technology has brought new things in the market. The CRT`s are replaced by the LCD`s and LED`s and now the latest introduction is the touch screen technology. Smart phones got popular because of this touch screen feature. Wrist watches are one of such popular gadgets where people would love to see innovations. Slowly revolution is taking place in the watch markets. The manufacturers are manufacturing smart watches with touch screen interface. There are many popular brands in the market offering such services.

I`m Watching

This is the first branded smart watch from Italy having a touch screen interface. The watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity and has an interface that connects to smart phones for SMs, emails and other notification`s display. It is preloaded with an in built with speakers and comes with 4 GB memory.

The watch has certain other functions related to the phones. One can call a number or receive a call using it. Weather updates can be checked in its. The device runs on I`m Droid proprietary OS which is similar to the Android OS. It has a stylish look and certain functionalities of a smart phone.

Meta Watch

This smart watch is created by the former employees of Fossil watch. It is available in a wide range of color and designs. The most popular types of Meta watches are Frame and Strata. Inner components are almost same in both the types.  It comes in a reflexive mirror display of 96 X 96 pixels. This allows reading time even under sunlight. The display is not touch sensitive and is similar to the old smart phones i.e. black and white.

It can connect with the smart phones via Bluetooth and has features like alerting the person if he is out of range from the watch. Calls and SMS can be done through this.


This is the most popular smart watch in the Android platform. It comes in resolution of 128 X 128 pixels with a 1.3 LED display. One can access social networks, calls, SMS and emails from this watch. It supports all standard connectivity. At times the touch screen becomes unresponsive causing delay which is a disadvantage for touch screen interface.

Popularity and other issues

The popularity of these watches is not alike that of smart phones because of the fact that the technology is still under development. Most of these watches use touch sensitive color screens resulting in drainage of the battery. Conservation of the battery is done by making the screen idol. A button needs to be pressed every time when one wants to see the time.

Like the way people charge their phone and laptops regularly, the watch need to be recharged. In general the battery life is one year or more but in this case it lasts a few hours.

At times the touch screens become unresponsive and thus become irritating. The purpose of the watch is to show them but the simplicity is lost in this complicated technology.

This is the early stage of smart watches and it requires further research to develop watches as per the human wish. People in love with gadgets may experiment it with $150 but with such prices, a practical oriented person will not opt for it.

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