Tips and Guide to Purchasing a Used Laptop

Well, buying a used laptop is totally different from buying a used car. This is because many people sell low quality models which will get damaged within no time. But, you shouldn’t back down from purchasing a used laptop. It has its own benefits. You get it at a low price and also, it will perform the same functions as the new one. But, you still have to take into account many other things like its features and condition. So, below are some tips you need to consider while purchasing a used laptop.

Buy models of last year

While purchasing laptops, many of you look for ones which are only three to six months old. Well, no doubt there are plenty of them available. But the disadvantage is the price, which is too high. This is probably because those models are extremely new and are not yet replaced by other updated versions. So, it would do well if you go for models which would have come around the last year. As now it is 2013, I suggest that you for laptops from 2012, preferably around September or October. There are many amazing laptops released during this time and not only are they powerful but also updated more than enough to perform numerous tasks.

Choose a place to buy

If you would ask me a good place to buy your laptop, then I would suggest the internet. There are numerous choices available over the net. For example, you could visit sites like eBay where hundreds and thousands of used laptops would be on sale. Also, you could pick any color according to your choice. I bet there will be plenty available there. Or, if you want you could find a place elsewhere where you could test the second hand laptops. So, you can check the laptop thoroughly and buy it if you are satisfied.

Check the Chassis

Now that you have got a chance to check the laptop, you should first test the body of the laptop. Just see if it has got any scratches. Damages are most likely to occur in the corners and usually they might go unnoticed. So, it is important that you check there first. And, don’t skip the other places. If the outside body is good, then we can assume even the inside is in the right working order. In case you ever find any scratches or other damage, then it is better that you ask the owner how it happened. Well, you definitely would not want to buy a laptop which is not in a right condition.

No purple haze

Always remember that a laptop screen is very expensive and also very hard to replace. So, it is important that you check it. Who knows, you might find an ink or purple discoloration. If you find, then you better send it back. The laptop is really not worth the cost.

Testing the inputs

You also need to test all sockets, plugs and wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As most of these are attached to the motherboard, they are quite expensive to replace. Don’t mind if only one USB port is broken. There are three more with which you can work. Also, it does not matter if the headphone jack is broken. If you have Bluetooth headphones, then there is nothing to worry.

Test the Battery Life

The battery life of the laptop is another thing that you need to look out for. Just check the time it takes to drain out completely. If you feel that it went out too fast, ask the seller for a discount on the laptop. Because battery is quite costly. If he doesn’t agree, then move on to the next seller.

Seek help

In case you feel that you are too bad at checking a laptop, you could get an expert opinion. There are many repair places that would do a complete diagnostic check up within eighty dollars. Well, this isn’t a large price when the laptop you are about to buy is less than half of the original retail price.

Wrap it up

If you are purchasing your laptop on eBay, then be careful as to not give feedback until you have tested the laptop thoroughly. And, if you find there are too many damages, then return it to the seller right away.

Well, not everything will be perfect in the beginning itself. So, do not get frustrated. Even people who buy new laptops have a problem with them.

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