Tips on viruses & spyware removal from your system

Removing spyware from your computer can be really challenging sometimes, and the whole process may be more lengthy and tiresome than you might have expected. For this reason, below you are presented several efficient steps that can help you solve this issue quickly, and without any difficulties.

Still, if your system is infected you will have to access a safe computer, in order to download all the necessary tools, and you can ask a friend to get them for you, and burn them on a new CD. Also, if you intend to use a USB drive for the downloaded files, you have to make sure that your PC, as well as your friend’s PC, has the auto run option disabled.

Disconnect from the Internet

To begin with, you will have to close all running applications and the browser window, including e-mail, and disconnect your computer from the Internet. The easiest way to do that it by removing the cable located at the back of your PC, namely the source of your Internet connection. However, if you cannot reach the back of your computer, you can remove the cable directly from the modem, or from the router.

Try a Traditional Uninstall

There are available a great number of applications that have been specially created to uninstall spyware and adware, and they will remove these programs flawlessly. However, before starting anything, you will need to check the Add/Remove Programs list, which is located in the Windows Control Panel.

If the program is listed there, you simply click right, and select the Remove option. If your operating system is Windows Vista, the Add/Remove Programs feature will be located in Control Panel, under the name Programs and Features. Also, after you have uninstalled the programs, you will have to reboot your PC, although you are not demanded to do so.

Scan Your Computer

Moving on, after you have finalized the above mentioned steps, you will have to run a complete system scan, using a cutting-edge virus scanner and, if possible, run the scan in special Safe Mode. Still, if you have not installed a new antivirus yet, you should opt for one of the high rated anti-virus programs mentioned below. If impelled, allow the scanner to quarantine, clean and delete all the infested files.

Using SmitFraudFix, MalwareBytes, and Other Tools

Most spyware available these days are delivered by the Zlob family of Trojan downloaders. One of the most popular ones is the SmitFraudFix tool, which can remove multiple variants of the Zlob-related spyware and adware. In order to download the program and the usage instructions for free, look for SmitFraudFix Removers Zlob and Other Pests. Similarly, MalwareBytes can also eliminate unnecessary scareware and rogue software that hijacks your PC and tries to convince you to get “protection”.

Get Clear Access to the Problem

Although it is highly advisable to scan your system in Safe Mode, this may not be enough for more aggressive viruses. Therefore, if the spyware and the adware resist, in spite of all the procedures mentioned above, you will have to get access to the drive without permitting the spyware or the adware, to load.

One of the most efficient ways to get clean access to the drive is by using a BartPE Bootable CD, because once you have booted the BartPE CD, you can instantly access the file managed, find the antivirus and rescan the system. Similarly, you will be able to locate the malicious folders and files, and delete them manually.

Undo Residual Damage

After you have managed to remove active infestations, you will have to make sure that the spyware, and adware, will not reintegrate themselves, once the PC is connected to the Internet. Therefore, before connecting, you will need to reset your browser to start along with the home pages, verify if you’re HOSTS files have not been hijacked, and if there aren’t any unwanted websites added to your Trusted Sites Zone.

Preventing Adware and Spyware

In order to avoid any other spyware and adware infections, you will have to be extremely attentive with the programs you choose to install on your computer, and make research before downloading anything. Also, you will have to make sure that your Web browser security is ready to deal with any challenges, and do not forget to constantly upgrade your anti-virus program.

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