Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Profit Your Website Business

Considering the popularity of the WordPress platform among website developers, it’s important for users to know which WordPress plugins offer the most number of advantages. So to help you figure out which plugins are most suitable for your website, here is the top 10 list of WordPress plugins for small business websites.

1. SEO Friendly Images

As we all know, images are important. So wouldn’t it be great if you can have a plugin that can automatically generate images according to their relevance to your website’s contents? With “SEO Friendly Images,” all generated images are already optimized for SEO, which basically means that your site will be optimized for people who prefer searching for images instead of written texts.

2. All in One SEO Pack

If you want a plugin that’s designed specifically for Search Engine Optimization then this is it. After you have installed this plugin, it will allow you to conveniently and quickly add SEO titles and keywords to each individual post and web page on your website, which in turn will allow your web pages to gain better search engine visibility among your target visitors.

3. Platinum SEO Plugin

The “Platinum SEO Plugin” is a paid plugin that allows web developers to automate key SEO elements in each web page, such as target keywords, titles and page description. Aside from Search Engine Optimization, this plugin also offers other useful features, such as redirect options and reports on how you can optimize your site’s performance.

4. LJ Longtail Keywords

This particular plugin is designed to detect and underline any longtail keywords that may appear on the content of your site. This is particularly true if you’re targeting keywords which possess 3 or more words. Once the plugin has identified these keywords they will then be highlighted for your site’s visitors.

5. Nofollow Case By Case

As most website developers know, not every link on a website should be followed by search engines. This typically applies to links for internal images, page links and visitor comments which contain links to other sites. By adding this particular plugin you will be able to control which of your site’s links are to be followed and which of them require a “no follow” tag.

6. Sexy Bookmarks

This plugin is designed to add icons to social media sites to help users share some of their site’s contents with their friends. Although such icons are not connected with individual accounts, they can still increase a particular site’s daily traffic through your social media accounts. It’s also worth mentioning that this plugin offers 35 different social media icons.

7. Automated SEO Links

This relatively new plugin offers automation in creating internal as well as external links to any keywords attached to your site’s posts and web pages.

8. Contact Form 7

If you don’t possess extensive html design skills then this plugin will allow you to create a contact page that you can use for your entire site. After you have created the form using the option menus, the plugin will simply generate a code that you can copy and paste into the html tab that will turn the form into a graphic item on your website.

9. SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin

A lot of website owners often make the mistake of publishing duplicate content on their sites, which as most web developers know, is against the rules of SEO. This particular plugin is designed to address this problem by providing you with the means to choose which of your site’s pages should be indexed by search engines.

10. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin allows people to automatically create sitemaps on their websites, which will then be indexed by search engines. Indexed sitemaps are very useful in increasing traffic, and protecting your site from getting blacklisted in any way.

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