Top 3 Stickman Games for iDevices

Whether your iPodding, iPadding, or iPhoning, you’re iPlaying, right? And everyone has their favorite stickman games, so here we are going to highlight three fan favorites of this popular genre.

Wingsuit Stickman 

            A DJINNWORKS product, Wingsuit Stickman is a great little stickman game and at only .99¢, it just can’t be beat. In Wingsuit Stickman, you can soar above life’s tedious moments as you glide your little stickman through more than 25 visually stunning levels, performing insane stunts along the way. Avoid birds, planes and Transylvania Death Wasps as you make your way through 30 full missions of soaring game perfection. See if your gliding skills are at peak proficiency by checking your rank on the world leader board. We think this game is a nice addition to any stickman game collection which is why it flies onto our list of top games for iDevices.

Stickman Cliff Diving 

            Also developed by DJINNWORKS, Stickman Cliff Diving is a very fun game. The idea is to cliff dive to a perfect score. And yes, you will be judged by the 5 judges, of course. What if your cliff diving talents aren’t up to speed?  Score coinage to bribe the judges into giving a good score, how cool is that? Get a perfect dive and score some extra points. Gameplay is relatively simple, you touch the screen to jump off the cliff and then you touch the icon to set your spin for your flip. Try not to spin too much and end up doing a belly-flop. With over 15,000 five star reviews, this game struts its stuff at the low, low price of $1.99! One user even commented that a five star rating was too low, stating “Wish I could give it 6 stars”, Wow! That’s why it makes our list of top Stickman Games for Apple Devices.

Super Stickman Golf

            “Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!” is what MTV thinks about the game from developers Noodlecake Studios, Inc. That’s what we think too. This is one of the most addictive stickman games out there for IOS and it’s a steal at $2.99! With award winning physics, this puzzle game will keep you coming back for more. Featuring seven, that’s right, we said seven, out-of-this-world un-lockable super clubs, this game allows you to swing away for over 280 different holes, each one offering a unique and challenging gaming experience. By downloading Super Stickman Golf, you are rewarded with a stunning visual experience as well. Noodlecake Studios, Inc. really went the extra step to give players a great view of their stickman golfing world. This A for unusual amounts of effort, secures its position at the top of our list of apple stickman games.

With all the really cool stickman games out there for apple users, narrowing the list down to just three was a super hard decision, but we managed to pull through.

Aleksandar regularly write reviews and collect games and game lists for stickman games 247 at this web location:  However, if you don’t agree with our list, feel free to stick it to us by listing your own personal faves in the comment section.

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