Ubuntu phone OS announced

 Canonical’s Ubuntu Phone OS Announced to be Released in the Wake of 2014.

Ubuntu phone OS announced

Canonical had wrapped out its earlier promised and taunted mobile today with a unique version of Ubuntu operating system which was built around the kernel and drivers of prevailing Android operating system with a promise to use full power of the phone without using Java Virtual Machine. The phone with Ubuntu operating system will support x86 processors and ARM along with its suitable compatibility to the phone made to run on Android OS as they can use this version also with minimum changes in their hardware.
Introduction of Ubuntu OS

Though Ubuntu OS for Android phones was to be shipped as a first step to introduce this new ecosystem with their future devices as announced last year in the month of February but according to Mark Shuttle worth, the chief of Canonical, this year it is expected to be released any moment. The first issues of Ubuntu for Android is expected to be provided with the best Android devices made by high class manufacturer though no contract with any manufacturer or carrier has been finalized till now.

Release of Ubuntu OS

Though the release of mobile phones with Ubuntu OS is expected to happen at the start of 2014 but demo phones and the images of its development program that can be downloaded will be been released by the company in a couple of weeks at London with Galaxy Nexus. This is the only device till now that has been used by the developers due to its easy usability for testing the working of the operating system.

Strong points of Ubuntu based mobiles: multitasking

The interface of the handsets with Ubuntu will be provided with unexpected features that will keep it away from any kind of competition in the mobile phone market. According to Canonical users can easily navigate through the screen of the phone only through thumb impression on its either of the edges. They can easily search for contents and apps only by swiping in through any of the four edges. They can get the dock of their favorite apps by slightly swiping in from left to right but with full swipe they can access all the apps that have been opened by you as your favorite. The swipe from its right will allow you to flip through the apps you were using on your device whereas you can navigate through the apps nicely using the short demos on the website of Ubuntu. On the whole the design of Ubuntu mobile is expected to provide a good experience of dynamic home screen with a very little difference with several existing phones running on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. They have emphasized on using the content used recently such as the words you have spoken just now or the apps you have used or the music you have added recently in spite of using the grid of stored contents.

Ultimately according to Canonical Ubuntu devices will be provided with its own built-in voice command that will work to control any app through text and voice without forgetting the basic needs of PCs as they can be easily connected to their keyboard, mouse and monitors.

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