Viber Launches New Version of App For Android, iOS and PC

Viber, the multi messaging service, has announced its biggest update till date and has introduced latest versions of Viber for Android, iOS and desktop PCs. You can find the latest version on your Android’s Google Play store.

Engadget reported this first and said, this new launch of Viber saw the first ever launch of Viber for desktop PC and also improved the existing feel and functionality for better user experience.

Viber presently has over 200 million users all over the world that uses this app to send different versions of messages. Anyone can send text, images, audio and any other file attachment to another Viber user for completely free.

Using the new version of the app, users now can send video messages in a better way, a feature which was long demanded by the users of Viber. Viber also has integrated a better voice engine so the calls now are expected to have better clarity. The interface has been altered admirably to make the app more users friendly. In the domain of VOIP apps, the app is thus remaining very relevant and useful.

Viber has a simple working model. By enabling the users, it allows them to send a range of different multimedia messages over the internet. The app uses the phone’s stored contacts details and find out the persons on that list who also uses the Viber services. This way, the user doesn’t need to add anyone manually, until he wishes for so and instantly can communicate with all in the family or friend’s circle. This technique, which is common among many Viber-like apps present today, like Whatsapp, has helped them to gain popularity as well as go spiral among the users.

Viber was launched in late 2010 and since then the app has grown beyond expectation, giving a tough competition to much hyped competitors like Skype, owned by Microsoft, and Whatsapp. The present overhaul can further increase the stronghold of the app in the VOIP market.

Skype is the present market leader with a user base of almost 650 million but looking at the way Viber is growing recently, it can give Skype a close run for their money in the months to come. Although, initially planned for mobile use only, Viber now has a desktop client as well, just like Skype do and they are expected to introduce further features to really turn the heat on Skype.

Viber was created by an Israeli student, Talmon Marco, who graduated from Tel Aviv University. The services are now completely free and there is no direct income of Viber as of now. But then, this is the same with many other tech start-ups.

Start ups like Viber often hire companies like Simplikate Systems, a mobile app development company based in Florida, to build their app for different operating systems and devices. As the start ups are often without much funding, it is difficult for them to go for in-house experts.

Instant messaging apps, like Viber or Whatsapp, provide a golden opportunity to smartphones owners. Instead of the costly SMS text services, which is even costlier when sent across borders, they can now send free texts all over the world. That is why Whatsapp or Viber and many other lookalikes have been so successful in this domain. This also reflects a growing tendency to use these free apps instead of using traditional and costly services. Viber is available for download from respective stores for the Android, iOS and desktop users.

Although the present build serves Android and iOS users only, among other popular mobile operating systems, Viber is under construction for Blackberry OS 10, the latest operating system for Blackberry; and Windows 8 for Windows 8 based phones. The Desktop model is available for Windows only and for other popular systems, such as Mac and Linux the software is currently under construction. When these models are launched in the market and they function properly, the app is expected to capture even more market and serve more users all over the globe.

This post has been contributed by Pushpendra Shukla, working as Sr. Associate – Internet Marketing with Moability, a company providing Restaurant Android App Development services in India.



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