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If you think once you design your website and launch it online your work is done, then you are absolutely wrong! A great site with content will not automatically earn a top-ranking place in a search engine and it does not mean your website is on the right track. There are various forms of website quality indicators. They might be the quality of content you post or the various back links you give. However, largely, the reasons might be technical. SEO is not only about posting quality content and giving the right number of back links, but also depends on how well you handle the technical side of Search Engine Optimization and the onsite fortitude.


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Your site does not get ranked according to the size of your business or how pretty it looks. It gets indexed according to the rules set by a particular search engine. If the quality guidelines are not met, then the search engine will see no reason to rank your site higher. You might be a leading brand in the real world, but you might disappear in the virtual world if you take a small misstep or if you don’t know how to optimize your site. Here are a few poor quality indicators you have to look out for:

Ad creep:

If you have too many ads above your fold, Google might penalize it as the search engine has restrictions on the number of ads you post. This is the reason you don’t find websites filled with ads. If you have too many ads above your folder, see if you really need to have them there. Delete ads through which you don’t get much revenue.

Back links:

Too many internal links can get your website penalized. Ensure your site is not filled with too many back links. Ensure you have less than 100 links as it not only takes a hit on optimization, but also splits your site into innumerable strands. Focus your links in such a way that they are back-linked smoothly and people are taken down to straight-forward paths. The internal link you give through a particular article should not take a person to a completely irrelevant page!

Spam issues:

When people leave spam comments on your page, it results in penalization. There are automatic spinners used by many to leave links on various pages. Many don’t realize that it is the fastest route to get penalized. To avoid this, don’t automatically accept comments left on your page.

These are some of the key web quality indicators that affect your site’s Optimization. Apart from these issues, ensure you post quality content and keep updating your site to the new rules brought in by the particular search engine. Since most users search through Google, keep a close eye on the change in rules the company makes in indexing sites. Post content regularly so that your site doesn’t lag behind. Since search engines recognize back links, write blogs relating to your business so that your home page and other related pages are not squeezed with content.

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