WordPress’ New ‘Unlimited Scalable Business Blogging Platform’

Regardless of what the nature of your business is, it can surely benefit from an online presence. Thanks to blogs and website hosting platforms, this process has become easy, with enough options-both design and monetary-to suit every possible requirement.  Businesses that have a website also choose to create a blog. The reasons are many. There’s a personal connection with the audience, a sense of informality and the opportunity to share information in an easy and effective manner.

But there are personal blogs and professionally required blogs and there has long been felt a need for a balance between the two.  WordPress hopes to bridge the gap with Enterprise.

If you need to find a professional blogging platform, you need to look no further than WordPress’ new unlimited scalable business blogging platform. While you don’t have to pay additionally, like you might in a publishing site, you can opt to go for the free version or pay for more privileges. Called Enterprise, it offers users many options- bandwidth, traffic, VideoPress service, storage and technical support. It is called a scalable business blogging platform because it grows as the business does, enabling users to harness JavaScript to customize sites and to handle increased traffic. JavaScript lets you circumvent PHP code when you customize.

Since WordPress hosts the blogs on its own, customers don’t have to worry about maintenance. There are automatic updates, both in security and software, keeping you in touch with the latest the blogging platform has to offer. As a user, you will have access to all sorts of design options and plugins to enhance the whole experience. Design includes some of the best that WordPress has to offer; close to 70+ plugins and other options.

There are some great plugins and services, for instance, integration with social media sites like Facebook, conversation sites like Livefyre, SocialFlow for more traffic from sites like Twitter and UppSite for all your mobile applications.

You’ll be able to find most anything you need on the dashboard on the platform. You’ll see a checklist that will give you a few ideas on what you should keep in mind before you share your blog with the world. If you’re comfortable with previous versions of WordPress, you should have no trouble working your way through this site.

A note of caution has been issued on the rate of the platform. It isn’t too expensive at $500 a month, but it might still be unaffordable for smaller, fledgling businesses. If WordPress is hoping to attract a newer generation of business blog users, it might need to consider reworking the price. What WordPress is trying is not new, seeing how sites like Tumblr have a lot to offer in the same vein. But WordPress is a trusted, reputed name in the blog hosting business- a fact that the company should utilize to its benefit.

The new service is aimed at businesses that need blogs to be accessible on handheld devices, can handle increased traffic and allow for videos and photos. Thanks to this blog hosting platform, businesses can benefit from the expertise of WordPress and can personalize the blogging experience.

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